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Discount & Wholesale Pricing

Jewellery Designers Wholesale Packs

Our wholesale department is situated in our Bath Shop where you can see all of our beads on display. If you would like to buy our larger “Jewellery Designers Wholesale Packs” in our shop, just ask at the Till and we will be happy to provide you with all the prices and will pack the beads for you.

If you prefer you can spend some time selecting your beads and findings with our dedicated Wholesale Manager, Kelly Lewis, who will be happy to answer any questions regarding our products and availability.

You can see our Jewellery Designers Wholesale Pricing on this website which can be up to 50% cheaper than retail prices for quantity buying.

Trade Pricing

These Discounts are for Businesses reselling our products. By Trade we mean that you have a shop front, are VAT Registered and are reselling our products in the marketplace. We offer good mark ups and a wide range of our products either branded or unbranded.

If you are interested in opening a Trade Account, please use the contact form providing details of your business such as address, website and VAT number if you have one. We will then consider your application and send you a login so you can purchase online at Trade prices.

Initial order should be over £275.00 plus VAT and there is no minimum order after that. Postage is applied at cost. Prices are shown Excluding VAT that is added to your order at the end.