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Jewellery Making Classes

At our Bath shop we run regular classes on all aspects of Bead Jewellery Making Design. Whether you are new to Beading and want a new hobby or just to learn and develop your current skills, we run a class to suit all levels. Our classes are run from our Bath shop and we can seat up to six people at a time so you get plenty of assistance and individual attention.

The classes are taught by our Jewellery Designers and they can show you the best techniques to give your jewellery that professional finish. The classes are relaxed and fun and start from only £24.00 for a two hour start making jewellery session.

We are also happy to run private classes for groups or special occasions at our Bath Shop and will do our best to accommodate hen parties at an outside venue on request if feasible.

Start Making Bead Jewellery

In this class we teach you the basics of bead jewellery making and how to finish your jewellery using simple techniques. Also we introduce you to the equipment needed for bead jewellery making and by the end of the session you will have made several pieces of jewellery and be well on your way to a new hobby or the start of a new career!

Three pieces are made on this class (two necklaces and a pair of earrings)
Only £35 (Does not include beads)

Cost includes all tuition, ends and findings but excludes beads which you choose on the day.
We kindly ask that only Bijoux Beads beads are used on the classes which are bought on the day. Prices are per person including VAT

Specialist Classes

We teach many jewellery making techniques including a Lariat Class (a long necklace without a clasp, Crystal Swirl Tiara Class, a Fascinators Class, a Brooches Class, Shamballa Bracelets class, Leather Knots and Plaits.

Our new Class this season is making your own beads from Fimo Polymer Clay. (pictured)


This is a class for all levels of ability. Using beads, buttons and wire learn how to make a statement necklace as chunky and bold, or as delicate and pretty as you like. You can finish the piece with organza, cord or chain. This is a great class for an introduction to wirework and perfect for making jewellery for weddings or parties. Skills covered: wirework, using folding crimps, attaching clasps to cord.

Cost: £48.00 (Does not include beads)


Decorative Knotting

Available as three separate half-day classes, Decorative Knotting covers Flat Knots, Spiral Knots and Viking Weave. Using cotton or leather you will learn how to make at least one bracelet per session. Sliding knots are a great skill to master as they allow for adjustable bracelets and can be useful for people with metal allergies who can't wear clasps. This class is suitable for beginners. Skills covered: decorative knots, sliding knots, basic earring loops.

Cost: £24.00 (Does not include beads)

Shamballa Bracelets

Available as a half-day class, this course uses the Flat Knot to create the popular "Shamballa'" style
bracelets. One of our best-selling classes, join us to create your own bracelet unique to you. We have a variety of coloured cords, crystal shamballa beads and beautiful polaris beads, which are perfect for this trend. Skills covered: flat knots, sliding knots.

Cost: £24.00 (Does not include beads)



This is a half-day class. Come and learn how to create a beautiful fascinator - perfect for a wedding or special occasion. We show you how to build a headpiece using wire, beads and ribbon. Large or small your fascinator can be made to match an outfit, or just for fun. Please bring samples if you would like to colour match. Skills covered: wirework.

Cost: £24 Half Day (Does not include beads)



This is a full day class. Using wirework techniques we will teach you how to build brooches by layering rings and beads to form a base. Learn how to make three different pieces, one vintage-style, one flower style and one free-form. Take the finished brooches away and use them in jewellery, on headbands or handbags. They are very versatile. Skills covered: wirework

Cost: £48.00 (Does not include beads)


Tiara Making

This comprehensive class covers how to make intricate tiaras using wire and delicate beads. This is a full-day class, which begins with a demonstration on the various types of branches you can include in a tiara. Students will spend the morning creating their branches and the afternoon attaching them to their chosen tiara band. This is a great class for would-be brides looking to create a unique and personal tiara for their wedding or for those keen to expand their jewellery-making knowledge. We have a variety of semi-precious, glass beads and crystals for selection and please feel free to bring any design ideas with you for inspiration.
Skills covered: wirework

Cost: £85 including all materials.


Trend Bracelet Making Workshops - £35.00


A geat class covering various techniques teaching how to make Trend bracelets using all our new components. A must for all jewellery designers!

Class runs from 10.30 - 3.30 and costs £35.00 to include all teaching but not materials which you can choose on the day.


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