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Welcome to our Website!

It truly represents everything that happens in our Bead Shop in Bath.

Obviously we are a Bead Shop but due to our location we have gradually introduced other products and decorations into our shop and therefore we feel that our online store should reflect that. So here we are, a site that includes beads, findings, kts and all the expected items plus Creative items, like Liberty Art Fabrics, ribbons, Fimo, and fabric and home decorations and Christmas items. Each year for 3 weeks we are central to the Bath Christmas Market and we decorate our shop with the best and unusal Christmas Decorations from Germany and the Low Countries and many people visit us each year for the uniqueness of our shop and products. We hope to see you also!

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Liberty Fabrics available by the metre online!


From September 2015, we have changed the way we work in Bath in order to help us to pay for all our overheads. We have done some rennovations and have made the shop more like a Boutique than a tradional bead shop. We have introduced a clothing range to compliment the jewellery and the beads. We still have the same amount of beads, more in fact but they are now displayed in tubs on shelves to make a visual impact. Everything else is the same.

You can see the lovely new clothing ranges on our sister site You wil find here Masai Clothing Company, Myrine Antwerp, Bohemia, Ruby & Ed and our own jewellery for inspiration. We hope you visit us soon!