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Sia Flowers

Bijoux Beads are stockists of  gorgeous Sia Flowers. Sia flowers reflect nature and are so realistic that they are sometimes mistaken for real flowers. The Sia Flowers available at Bijoux Beads & Vie come in variety of styles, lengths and colour variations. Our latest collections of Sia flowers reflect the beautiful spring colours - giving a freshness and brightness to any home. Sia Flowers continue to be the best artifical flowers available today.

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Sia Christmas Rose Pot with Pincones
Sia Christmas Rose Pot Height 10cms 4 Rose Heads with Pine Cones ..

Sia Christmas Tree
Height 100cms Faux pine Christmas Tree From Sia Home Fashions   ..

Sia Fuchsia Pink Rose
Height 35cms Rose From Sia With tiny beads and sequins ..

Sia Rich Red Colin Rose in a Vase
Rich Red Colin Rose in a Glass Pot From Sia Home Fashions Height H11cms   ..

Sia Snow Frosted Fern
Height 86cms Gilt Asparagus Fern From Sia Home Fashions   ..

Sia Snowberries
Height 84cms Snowberries branch/7 twigs From Sia home Fashions   ..

Sia Twig Trees
50cms Height Made from Twigs From Sia Home Fashions   ..

Sia Frosted Alliums
Height 70cms Sia Frosted Alliums with glitter from Sia Home Fashions Please note: The..

Sia Grape Hyacinth Bundle
Sia Hyacinth or Muscari Bundle Available in  Light Purple Height 24cms 9 stems i..

Sia Birch Branch
Sia Bunch of Twigs with New Spring Leaves Height 138cms Several branches   &..

Sia Dark Pink Tall Cherry Blossom Spray
Height 76cms Tall Cherry Blossom Spray from Sia Very realistic Matches light pink tal..

Sia Light Pink Tall Blossom Spray
  Height 76cms Tall Cherry Blossom Spray from Sia in Light pink Very realistic ..